Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...update...sort of, anyway

I really haven’t fallen off the face of the earth tho it seems to be so since I have not updated anything in several weeks. Yes, I have still been spinning, and yes to knitting as well tho precious little of either one.

Allow me to back you up a bit to catch you up (…hmmm…that almost sounds like a Doctor Who and River Song episode…lol). First off, DH just finished building the woodshed considerably later in the season than he wanted it done. Now that it is complete, 13yo and myself have been switching off working with him running the log splitter and once the trailer was full, we would be stacking wood (over 95% of our winter heat is done via woodstove). The benefit of a “covered” storage area for the wood is that we will no longer have to shovel it out and off in order to bring wood into the house (which usually resulted in some thawing and wet floors). Any-who, since we are further behind in the filling of said shed than originally anticipated, any-and-all free time is being used for this purpose.

What does this mean for me? Quite simply, once I get a chance to sit down in the evening I may get a few rows done or spin for maybe 15 minutes before I am nodding off in my chair….to say that not much has been done would be pretty accurate as really the only knitting I have managed is the “work even” and even casting on for two different projects still required more than an evening apiece (too tired to count straight, too tight, etc)…sheesh.

In any case, need to get busy – birthday surprise did get finished in time, and have 2 baby gifties that need to be made real soon…so, for now, will just say that will soon be back on track and should get some pictures up once I do. TTFN …

Friday, August 12, 2011

...it's inevitable...

…something I got to talking about with my mom and sisters recently – got to thinking about this because my ‘baby sister’ just turned 5-0.

Why is it, we look in the mirror and still despite the image it actually shows, we still see ourselves as the invincible-I-can-do-anything 20-to-30-year-old ?...you know the one that has no wrinkles (excuse me…laugh lines ! ), no belly bulge or ‘gravity’ affecting various body parts….How did we miss the change of going from BEING the fun-loving-young-adults to BECOMING The PARENTS OF fun-loving-young-adults ?

Any one else hearing the lyrics to some older popular songs about the seasons turning, or that we would miss this and want it back…?

I look back in time and wonder when did that crown of grey and white begin to rest on my head? I find myself wanting to hold things as they are, to stop that forward momentum of change….

Time is inevitable, it marches on, and with it, so do we march on as well -- perhaps still to the beat of the same drummer we have always marched to, …though perhaps he too drums a little slower….or perhaps it just seems to be moving slower because life continues to go on around us at breakneck speed….

In any case…the first 50 were pretty good years. We learned a lot about ourselves and our place in the world. Here’s to the next 50 little sister, or to use your words, “…onto the next Chapter…..”