Thursday, September 10, 2009

For so long I have avoided starting a blog, or joining any of the online communities, feeling like I would be getting in way over my head. Slowly, oh so slowly, I have been immersing myself in some of these communities, primarily NETA, Ravelry and ok, seems I have not been sucked into a void, and I really do need a place to upload photos from time to time of my fiber pursuits, my kids and pets, my ongoing projects (whether they be spin-related, knit-related, quilt-related, or family-related).

So, here's to new beginnings, and just maybe a little something useful...


  1. Hi! You have an in progress project listed in Ravelry that brought me to your blog. I was curious about the foot pedal you mentioned in the Footsie Pillow notes. Is that a Baynes wheel? I have one, and love it.

  2. Good eye! that is indeed a Baynes...when I get humming along on her the only sound is an occasional very quiet thump because of the way I use the pedal....usually fairly quiet unless the tension band is fixing to snap then I hear a squeal-type whistling sound so I don't let myself get too complacent when spinning. I do love my Baynes as well!
    The other foot pedal mentioned is actually the one attached to my computer...I do Medical Transcription, that particular pedal controls the recordings I type, and living in the Northeast the cement floor in the basement is not the warmest place for a bare, hence the footsie pillow to contain them and hopefully keep the cold air off....or at least that is the