Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If Music be the food of Love, then Play On"

...or something to that effect from the Bard himself, good ole' Will Shakespeare.

This week's luck of the draw is musically inspired, choices were a rather eclectic mix (and this coming from an aficionado of New Age/Dance/Classical/Country/Celtic and ballads). Interesting choices all, but unless the music strikes that chord deep within it is usually passed over -- maybe that is something I should work on to 'extend" myself perhaps and go outside my usual spheres, but for this go round will go with what reached out to me...

..reached out with its rhythmic and resonating heartbeat, grabbed me and held me in place....talking about making a deal with God and swapping places...why does this resonate so strongly now? Is it because I have reached a crossroads where my faith which used to sustain me now feels so empty and unsatisfying? Have I come to that point in the road where Robert Frost says he is sorry he "..could not travel both.." and so he "..took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

Crossroads...now there's an interesting not-so-small thing....you come to a place where you feel the push/pull, ebb-and-flow within you and around you...you feel your heartbeat echoing in time to the rhythms of the earth beneath your feet, sitting quietly on that hillside transcends you to a place at onece here, but yet also on another plane of existence...you hear the grass grow and the rustling whisper of tree branches as they answer that heartbeat pulsing through the earth...the void fills, but not with silence as is first apparent, but with a roar and you rejoice in that roar because hearing it, and feeling it,... you live it, and the song plays on....


  1. Love your transitions. The way you take the rhythm of music, insert the song lyrics, and bring it to a deep personal level is flawless. :)

    "a crossroads where my faith which used to sustain me now feels so empty and unsatisfying"--sounds like a great place to venture off into another story, or even a memoir.

  2. ..so does this make it my Opus, or my Swan Song?..stay tuned for what Paul Harvey called "..The Rest of the Story..."