Monday, April 5, 2010

this 'n that, or, is it Spring yet ?

..well, busy couple of weeks, still writing (in my head), just never seem to be able to "immortalize" it ....such is life.

Actually made some bread this past utterly satisfying to hear the soft pop of gas bubbles popping as you knead the dough, feeling the slight elastic resistance as you turn, push and pull it towards you....and how absolutely delightful to smell the wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread(s), to hear the hollow thwump on the crust telling you it is done...the fragrant air that fills the house....yumm

The past few days have been rather nice...sunny skies, warmish temps, grass turning green, yellow-gold-green buds on tree branches, "peepers" calling in the pond across the way, and birdsong filling the air...yes, an early spring for much as I love the chilly temps and crunch of snow underfoot, I can do without the muddy mess that needs to be put up with before the world around me truly "goes green" ......

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