Friday, November 5, 2010

the Invitation

I have been invited to attend something different… is a Reveal. Now for those of you not in-the-know or who don’t follow any ghost hunters’ type of program, this is where the hunters come in with their findings after having checked out a particular location.

The particular building is an old one, having been located on that spot for over a hundred years, so it stood to reason there might possibly be spirits from another time….The building was formerly a church, now used by the town’s Historical Society as well as various community groups as a meeting hall, some of whom involve children. Once such group has had odd feelings/sensations when going upstairs into the church proper by themselves.

In any case, this sounds like it could be interesting, on many levels. For starters, I was raised as a Catholic, and ghosts are not something usually accepted in that faith – angels as messengers of God yes, spirits of long-departed persons no. Now, add to this that over the years I have sidestepped some of the Church teachings of my youth because I found them to be close-minded and out-of-touch with the common man…their lack of acceptance of who/what a person is with their insistence that the only RIGHT way was theirs, has made it very difficult for me to claim myself as a fully practicing member of the community. I tend to accept people for whom and what they are, irregardless of color/gender/creed, and yeah, that goes to having a belief in the supernatural and what are considered to be pagan faiths. As far as I am concerned, it does not matter what your God or Goddess is called….all are names for the same being(s). Seeing God only as the one you cannot see who expects obedience to all His dictates is a bit hard to swallow right now….Seeing him/her as that spirit embodied by the earth renewing itself and sustaining you, THAT makes more sense to me. And how, you wonder, does this connect to my attending a Reveal? A number of reasons including curiosity – who, when, why, etc; education – paranormal study is a bit of science and faith, and philosophy – understanding the undercurrents of why a spirit chose or was caused to remain, what message they may have for us, how is their past connected to our future, and more importantly, will our belief or lack of such cause their feelings toward us to change?

So…will I accept this invitation? Will I go to satisfy a curiosity, or to connect with something unseen? Will I find answers to the un-asked questions that I keep buried deep? Will attending change me?....hard to say, but certainly something to think on a little more, and perhaps to attend….we shall have to wait and see…..

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