Tuesday, June 7, 2011

...In the beginning.....

…always wanted to start something with these words…this kind of fits the bill. In the beginning, there were only words and pictures on a page, with stacks of assorted yarns and fibers and needle-paraphernalia as well as patterns galore! The paper, how it flies and floats when tossed to the side…the scattered mumblings of ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ and ‘what in the world was I thinking of?’ are punctuated with exultant “Yes!” and ‘perfect opportunity to try this technique’ and ‘who am I kidding? I am not ready to tackle this one yet!

So the choosing process has commenced, with several definite’s now waiting in the bin, each pattern matched with it’s yarn/spun fiber and assorted post-it notes with the giftee name(if applicable)/needle size needed/buttons or beads. The bin also contains a carry-bag so that at a moment’s notice a Kit can be grabbed. The remaining necessities for the carrybag is the “essentials” kit that will remain – you know the one, it’s the bottomless purse for needlecrafters that contains the space crochet hook for catching drops (though a bobby pin will do in a pinch), the tape measure, the extra short pieces of yarn for provisional cast-on’s and/or stitch holders, an extra small caliber double-point (or cable needle, or in a pinch a paper clip), an assortment of stitch markers (an unopened Dollar Store special of 500-pack mini hair elastics) that double as row markers, a small pair of scissors, a mini notepad and pen (an extra Post-It pad is always good too, mark and move about on your pattern without ruining the pattern copy), a travel pack of Kleenex, and of course there must be something chocolate! I am sure that other bits and pieces will eventually find their way into the bag over time, but for now, these are my essentials. Each pattern is enclosed in its own page protector, and any books have their pages appropriately tagged with multicolored post-it’s.

Now, as to the order of the patterns….I have always been one to flit from one project to another unless a deadline loomed large – that way, I did not have time to get bored or frustrated with any one pattern, and I got to enjoy a number of different fibers/techniques concurrently. So to, there was always something new that would demand to be added to the list. And if the mojo to work on those projects just wasn’t there, there is always the assorted cottons for making cloths/towels/scrubbers or small amounts of wools for wristers (both my projects of choice for random brainless knitting). But, for this particular Year of Projects, I find myself starting before July 1st for a special surprise pressie due within a few weeks. I also have a few baby presents to be made for this summer and fall, and a graduation present that may be needed for January instead of June……So, I will list my YoP-Book items but not in any given order…I will leave that to the individual postings of what I worked on….

So, without further ado (other than explanation/rationale for the choices), the following is AnDy’s Amble through the Fiber Patch……as it has been quite a challenge to winnow this list of “Must Do/Should Make/Already Begun/Asked For” down to a workable sized list. With over 30 items (more, if I dig further), something had to give. So, beginning with the gift items that figure prominently:

- A special birthday (details to be revealed afterwards to prevent the secret from getting out)
- An upcoming graduation (see Spinning section below)
- Several babies: (1) Emil’s PeaBabe, and (2) a pair of longies
- Christmas items (not determined yet)

Add to this several of the SIP’s currently being rotated through -- I am going to pick 2 pairs to finish:
- Alaine
- Tabi socks
If time allows, rotate another pair or 2 – these sox are on top of a pair on my To-Do list for my DD
- Spiral Eyelets

Spinning has been completed for Wendy’s Mystery Summer Shawlette and knitting will be worked on as soon as I complete a SheKnits mystery from a previous year, Robin, that has been languishing on the needles (I need the circulars, hence Robin must be completed in order to cast on!). Add to this, the silk roving is almost completely spun, and will shortly thereafter be knit into a shawl as graduation gift for a niece (beads will add just the right touch of bling).

I have several other shawls to be added to the mix (including at least one new SheKnits Mystery-8, and one to make in cotton thread Autumn Sun) but these are going to wait to be listed until I finish a few older ones (Cedar Wrap is over half done; Saroyan has been started; and Wagon Wheel is over ¾ done).

…And if I find I don’t have enough to do (ha ha), there are always washcloths/towels, wristers, or`naments, mindless-hockey-socks, etc…

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  1. I love the way you write. It seems so well thought out and unique. I'm going to follow your blog now XD