Tuesday, July 12, 2011

...such a week it has been....

...So, now comes the time of updating my progress, such as it has been. First, let me preface this by saying it has been rather hot, or "HHH" (hot/hazy/humid) here for the past week -- the last thing I want in my lap when I am feeling sticky is sticky raw fleece...for that matter, a lap-full of a knitting project isn't always that desirable either, but it is either I have something to keep my hands and brain focused, or the heat just frazzles me and I end up catnapping in my chair....hmmm...not very restful nap or hot/sweaty palms......

That being said, have been busy when I wasn't working/cooking/cleaning. With the Tour de Fleece running concurrent to the Tour de France, have been trying to get as much spinning time in as I could (including time spent prepping fleece in wash buckets, etc).

The assorted small batts/rovings are being worked on in between washing and spindling of Dorset fiber (which will eventually have some in a dye pot....I have visions of perhaps an entrelac cuff in assorted colors later this year). I have also completely spun the bag of "Mystery Roving" (a mix of alpaca, suffolk, angora rabbit, and mohair), with yardage that I believe will do for a pair of socks

Have been plugging away at the Sky Scarf (apologies, no pix yet), as well as the SecretSurprise pressie. And, I went and added another project to my list, TestKnitting....here is where I stand as of Sunday morning, 07102011:

...and there you have it....the coffee bucket only holds a portion of the Dorset (I have at least a case-of-paper sized box full of freshly washed fiber (with at least ten times that amount stored in the attic from previous years), so have plenty to keep me busy ...lol. Oh, and before I forget.....the previously mentioned projects that were completed...here is my Robin (still unblocked)

and my green alpaca socks:


  1. Wow, you have been really busy! I have been finding the tour de fleece adictive, it has been eatin gup all my crafting time (and lot of time that should be spent on other things like housework :D )

  2. Pretty pretty! I love to sit and watch people spin. Someday maybe I'll sit in the seat and do it.

  3. check you out, you have been busy. I feel like a positive slacker with my 2 little wips.