Thursday, September 22, 2011

September ramblin's

….well, it has now been a month since I last posted – where has the time gone ? So, you ask, what have I been doing with myself since last I surfaced? paraphrase a line from Fiddler on the Roof, “…..a little bit of this, a little bit of that…” – the woodshed has not only been completed being built, it is now completely full of stacked and split wood. The Hubster figures that with it being stacked 7 feet high (…um, yeah, arms got real sore trying to lift and stack above my head…also contributing to the too tired/sore to be able to knit for any length of time…), and given the inside dimensions of said woodshed (which began life as an existing concrete bunker/box when we originally bought the property), we probably have close to 15 cords of wood – this includes what we still had left of last year’s split firewood. Normally we go through about 5-to-6 cords per winter – but, last fall we replaced the shingled roof with a metal roof which because of how it went on, resulted in some “air pockets” to help insulate the roof….we figure it may not take as much wood to heat this big ole house…but we will see where it stands come next spring. Hubby is super pleased that we do NOT HAVE to go out to get any trees this winter – if we in our travels over the property need to clean up any broken or wind-blown or otherwise damaged (i.e., beaver) trees, we will just stack the logs behind the shed resulting in well dryed and seasoned wood for future burning… for me…lol.

Now, as to the knitting and spinning front…..still working on spinning up my summer dye-pot adventure socks (see post from July for colors), will no doubt get to actually cast on for these during the winter.

The birthday surprise made for some giggles, especially as the story that went with it had to do with cakes sometimes falling flat, and without the appropriate item inside of it, the teapot cozy did look rather flattened.

The first baby giftee (a boy is expected) got a pair of longies, which I paired with a purchased onesie and stuffed with tissue paper. This was also well received.
Baby giftee #2 (a girl is expected) is still being worked on so cannot provide any pix of at this time.

And…, because I really just wanted an excuse to use this phrase…”…..are you ready for some football ?!...”, lol, my sidelines knitting has commenced. My 13yo DD is playing middle school soccer, so the hands stay busy while Maman watches the game (Home games, I can’t get to the Away ones)…and just so you don’t think I have lost it, soccer in Europe is known as football, so, yeah, I am not only watching the kids playing football, I am watching my fave NFL team play FOOTBALL – Go Pats! And, will be adding hockey knitting to the lineup sometime in November as well.

….doing a quick run-down of the projects I have been working wound up being a little more than just a quick one, with all of the above, have been working on finishing up some little projects that have been hanging around for ages: small hand towels, face cloths, some quilting, and several pairs of socks (which I have not been able to round up all of in order to provide a photo, but will leave that to a later date).

So, for now will bid you all a good evening 

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