Wednesday, January 18, 2012

.... ? Something new

So, time has come to post something, and even though I have CO several projects, completed several more, and plugged along on several --IP's, still managed to get through the Christmas knitting that needed to be done. Did I take pictures of completed gifties ? Of course. Did I get them off the camera and posted to my Ravelry page ? Not yet... Been too busy cleaning and putting stuff away, and spending as much time as possible visiting with family including an aunt in the terminal stages of cancer. We lost her early in the year, so now trying to get back into the normal routine.....

With that said, I hope to get pictures moved over so that they can be posted: parrot socks, mittens & hat, afghan square, pence jug, lovers mitts, and a pair of socks for me that were named Hospice socks. Until the next time......

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  1. I'm sorry about your Aunt. I am glad to see you back on here again though. Hope all the comrodery? helps you feel better :)