Tuesday, March 14, 2017

.. the passing of an age

Goodness but it has been awhile since I was here last !  Life, as they say, got in the way 😑😑😑
...sorry, didn't mean to hit quite so many unhappy faces, but I suppose it does fit.   To back up a little bit, about 3 years ago I got "hit up beside the head" as my brother would say in a most unexpected fashion -- a 19-year marriage imploded with no warning.....to be fair, there may have been warnings but since the hubster was not in a habit of really talking to me about things that really mattered, I quite obviously missed the sign(s).  Suffice to say I went through a year of absolute hell trying to figure out which way was up, selling the family home, losing access to 160 acres of green-space, moving to a new (smaller) location in-town, finding additional employment to keep my head above water financially, hanging on to a tank of a gas-guzzling truck that I white-knuckle drove every day, trying still to figure out what I really needed to survive on, living paycheck-to-paycheck for the most part, not going many places, and pretty much keeping to myself while I attempted to heal the shattered life I had been handed on a platter.

Fast forward a bit .... now have a decent job that pays the bills, a decent vehicle that I enjoy driving (aka, not stressed, lol), a little apartment that I am slowly making my own including my little 3rd floor porch, an even slower weaning through a storage locker to see what I can still use/still want to keep/need to pass on/need to throw away, taking advantage of "me-time" every opportunity I can, trying not to let the heart-pains that bothered me so in the past to not be so any more, trying to laugh and enjoy life a little more, making the "empty nest" not as bad of a thing as it could be, and in general, moving on with my life in a way that I can finally be happy with.  Looking back had a lot of hardship, pain, sorrow and loss....looking ahead I am headed to opportunities, new experiences, happy times with family and friends, and even the opportunity to try a bit of travelling around the state.....

So, this is me actually following through on one of my goals for this year and getting back into writing, something I have sorely missed.  Not sure how often I will get back here to comment on where my life is going, but certainly expect to put in an appearance more often than every several years...lol !

....until the next time...


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