Monday, August 30, 2010

the color purple

...Purple...such an interesting color in all its varied hues....and one that seems to play a recurring role in my life this year...

Take for instance, the flash of a purple thistle flower seen while riding along a trail, which on repeating that trip fails to be found anywhere. Or the purple stain of crushed blackberries when you pick a too-ripe berry that squishes between your fingers. Or the purple bruise you get when you slip into an unseen gully reaching for those little fruits. Or the purple of elderberry jelly my hubby had with breakfast. Or the purple shadows that come with the sunset.......Hmmmm.....purple.....

With all of these 'subtle' hints I've have been getting, I believe I will need to dye some fiber purple.....and, since I'm in the process of spinning up some black alpaca for a fair-isle sweater, I think a touch of purple in its magenta-pink hue will be just the thing to make it sing. I know I have several shades of white, cream, and light fawn alpaca fibers that will look awesome in this color...what you do think ?

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